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New edition of Best Traineeship Contest

As last year, Become A Trainee is organizing the Best Traineeship Benelux 2014 contest in collaboration with Amibitio. Traineeships (Graduate Programmes) from all different sectors can participate to this contest that will start in July 2014. In the first round the (ex-)trainees will complete an online questionnaire. The 15 best traineeships will then be selected through a benchmark analysis and they will receive the Quality Label 2014. All participating companies will also receive a benchmark report with an analysis of their traineeship compared to the total population.
In a second round the 15 remaining candidates will be questioned by a panel that will further analyse where traineeships excel compared to the others. From here, 5 'best-in-class' traineeships will be chosen that will become category winners in 1 out of the 5 main categories
In the final round the category winners will compete against each other in an elevator pitch. Afterwards the final winner will be chosen that can call itself for one year 'The Best Traineeship Benelux'.

For more information, have a look at our brochure.

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